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The AWS-Certified-Alexa-Skill-Builder exam is a certification exam that tests a candidate's ability to design, develop, and deploy voice-enabled applications using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). The exam is considered for individuals who have experience designing, building, and deploying Alexa skills and want to demonstrate their skills to employers or clients.
The AWS-Certified-Alexa-Skill-Builder exam covers a wide range of topics related to Alexa skill development, including designing user interactions, creating custom intents and slots, handling user input, and integrating with other AWS services. It also covers best practices for testing and deploying Alexa skills, as well as troubleshooting and debugging common issues.
To prepare for this AWS exam, candidates should have experience building Alexa skills using the ASK, as well as knowledge of the AWS platform. Candidates should also be familiar with the Alexa Skills Kit developer console, the Alexa Skills Kit SDK, and the Alexa Skills Kit CLI.
Earning the AWS-Certified-Alexa-Skill-Builder certification demonstrates to employers and clients that a candidate has the knowledge and skills needed to design, develop, and deploy high-quality Alexa skills. It also indicates that a candidate is familiar with AWS and can integrate Alexa skills with other AWS services.