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The AZ-900 Exam is a certification exam for those interested in becoming certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. This exam covers a range of Azure-related topics, including cloud services, storage, networking, security, and compliance. It is intended for individuals who have a basic understanding of cloud computing and want to demonstrate their knowledge of Azure.
The AZ-900 Exam is created to test your knowledge of Azure, including the core Azure services, pricing and support, and Azure workloads. It also covers Azure governance, compliance, and security, as well as Azure pricing and support.
To prepare for the AZ-900 Exam, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of cloud computing concepts, as well as some experience with Azure. You can also take online training courses or attend instructor-led training to learn more about Azure and prepare for the exam.
Upon passing the AZ-900 Exam, you will earn the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, which demonstrates your knowledge and skills in Azure and can be used to further your career in the field of cloud computing.