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C2090-101 is an exam that tests a candidate's knowledge and skills in IBM Big Data and Analytics. This exam covers a range of topics, including data warehousing, big data technologies, data visualization, and analytics. It is intended for professionals who work with big data and analytics in a variety of roles, including data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts.
To prepare for the C2090-101 exam, candidates should have a strong foundation in big data and analytics concepts and technologies, as well as hands-on experience working with these tools. It is recommended that candidates have a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience and have at least six months of experience working with big data and analytics technologies.
The C2090-101 exam consists of multiple-choice and short-answer questions and is delivered online. It is designed to assess a candidate's ability to analyze and interpret data, design and implement data solutions, and communicate insights effectively.
Successful completion of the C2090-101 exam demonstrates a candidate's expertise in big data and analytics and can be a valuable asset for professionals looking to advance their careers in this field. It is also a requirement for earning the IBM Certified Data Engineer - Big Data certification.